FitRx Massage Gun Review 2022: Best Under $50

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  • Date: January 1, 2022
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Relieving muscle soreness with a handheld massage gun is now easy with the FitRx massage gun

FitRx is a bit different from those ordinary massage guns in its design. It has this odd curved design that is very easy to grip. It comes with versatile attachments and various speed levels. The gun comes in a compact case to quickly take it to the gym or office. This gun is not for athletes and should be looked at as an easy quick fix massage equipment to use at home.

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Features Of The FitRx Massage Gun

Here are some of the best features of the FitRx that make it a worthy buy:

6 Speed Levels Versatility

FitRx has about 6 versatile speed levels, starting from the lowest intensity to the highest. Speed settings range from 1200 RPM to 3600 RPM. It comes with adjustable speed levels. To adjust the speed, press the power button that switches the massage gun on or off.

4 Interchangeable Attachments

Four replaceable attachments for muscle recovery that target specific parts of the body are included in the box. The massage head comes with a self-centring driving shaft at the base. It applies up to 10 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI). 

  • The Dual-action attachment relaxes the neck and spine. 
  • The Flat Head attachment for focusing on a specific area. 
  • The Round Head attachment uses a relaxing sweep around the entire back and shoulders or can be used to knead the neck. 
  • The Precision Head attachement targets particular regions of tension and aids muscle healing by targeting tighter muscles within specific areas of stress.

We analysed the best budget massage guns for 2022. Check our analysis here!

Ergonomic Design

The FitRx massage gun is a portable massager with an ergonomic grip making it easy to use. It treats various muscle problems, such as sciatica and tendonitis. Changing the frequency of use or utilizing different attachments can adjust the intensity of the massage. 

The FitRx gun massage lacks a proper LCD interface that indicates the strength of each massage mode and provides visual feedback throughout treatment. The touch button on the back or top of the unit turns the massage gun on. To change the speeds, you must press this power button 2 to three times.

Battery Life

This massage gun comes with a Lithium-ion battery. It has a 75-minute working time on a full charge. If by any chance the batteries need replacement, one can do so by opening the battery compartment.

Health Benefits

The FitRX can treat both blood circulation and muscular weariness simultaneously. Furthermore, the massager’s handle is long enough to allow you to massage your back comfortably, helping with stiffness.

Robust Motor

A powerful 400-watt motor powers this muscle massage gun, suitable for all skin types. The use of a single motor ensures that power is in balance throughout the surface area of the head. This ensures that deep tissue massage occurs in all directions, rather than simply side to side and up and down, as is the case with conventional massage heads. 

Outstanding Performance

The FitRx massage gun is meant to deliver a full-body massage in a short amount of time. It employs compression and percussion to deliver up to 10 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI) and promote blood flow, enhancing range of motion, reducing back muscle spasms, and promoting muscle healing. 

No Noise Motor

The noise level produced by this muscle massage gun is relatively low. It can be used while watching tv or listening to music. Most of the users have commented that they can easily use it at the office or gym because of its quiet motor.

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Benefits Of The FitRx Massage Gun

FitRx Massage Gun has many benefits health-wise. Some of the compiled benefits are: 

  • It has a battery of about 70 minutes
  • As it is a lightweight device, it will not wear you out
  • Additionally, it comes with a robust battery system, so there is no need to carry charging cables around.
  • The handle size is perfect; it can reach almost every problematic area.
  • With so many features, it comes with a competitive price tag compared to other massage guns.

Customer Reviews

 Customers had some mixed reviews about this massage gun. Mostly they loved how the gun is silent yet provides the perfect pressure to relieve muscle soreness. However, many customers were disappointed that it had no heated attachments along with the massage gun. Moreover, many of them also complained that its pressure is somehow very low for people with large body mass. In terms of the attachments, many of the customers reviewed that they are very delicate, and they might break away if proper care is not taken. The biggest shortcoming that every customer reported was the lack of a proper interface. But many of them were grateful enough to have a massage gun at this price.


What type of charging cable can I use to charge The FitRx Massage Gun?

Any USB C charger can recharge the batteries of the FitRx massage gun.

How can we change the speed levels on the FitRx massage gun?

The speed levels on the FitRx massage are adjustable. The speed levels on the FitRX can be changed by pressing the power button provided on the gun.  To power it on, press the power button once. To move to the 2nd level speed, press the power button twice. Press the power button for at least 3 seconds to turn it off.

Are the batteries on the FitRx massage gun replaceable?

Yes, the batteries are entirely replaceable. It comes with rechargeable batteries. 

If you are looking to relieve your muscles at home, then the FitRx massage gun can be the best budget massage gun with changeable attachments, speed levels and no noise motor. 

We analysed the best budget massage guns for 2022. Check our analysis here!


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