Hypervolt Plus Quiet Percussion Massage Gun Review 2022

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  • Date: December 31, 2021
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The Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun from Hyperice is an extremely popular massage gun on Amazon with over 2500, 5 star customer reviews. It is bundled with ample battery life, effective massage tech, ergonomic form and versatile massage options. These features make it one of the best massage guns money can buy in 2022.

The Hypervolt Plus Massage gun has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect to the Hyperice smartphone app. It comes with three levels of Pressure Sensor Technology, a brushless high-torque 90-W motor that weighs just 3 lb. Moreover, it has three speeds of up to 3,200 rpm, quick battery recharge and 30 percent more power than the other models.

It’s evident that the engineers at Hyperice put in a lot of research and thought into the Hypervolt’s design. The weight of the item feels comfortable in your hand and does not feel heavy when used for a long time.  Thanks to its superb build quality and sleek design, the Hypervolt looks and feels like a luxury gadget.

Features Of The Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun

The Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun has all features that a good massager needs to have. Some of the best features of this massage gun have been discussed below:

3 Versatile Speed Levels

The Hypervolt works at three different speeds regulated by the power button on the back of the device; three lights on the rear of the Hypervolt indicate which level is being used. The slowest setting produces around 2,000 percussions per minute, which is ideal for more sensitive areas such as your neck and shoulders.

To proceed to the second level, press the power button once again. Level two produces around 2,600 percussions per minute, which is ideal for larger muscle groups in the arms or legs. Lastly, the top speed of about 3,200 percussions per minute. It’s intended for denser muscular areas, such as your hips or quadriceps.

5 interchangeable Attachments

The Hypervolt includes five adjustable head attachments. The head attachments are Bullet, Fork, Round, Cushion, and Flat. Each of the head attachments can target different areas of your body. The flat attachment can be used to massage your chest or your forearms, whereas the fork attachment is suitable for the calves and thighs.

Additionally, the attachments can be changed easily. With a slight twist, each attachment glides effortlessly into the Hypervolt. Removal is also simple, just pull while rotating again. However, the fork attachment requires a little extra care to get it oriented correctly.

Awesome Percussion therapy

Using 3,200 percussions per minute, this massage gun relieves muscle soreness and stiffness merely in a few minutes. It also improves the range of motion and promotes blood circulation throughout your body.

No Noise Motor

When in use, the Hypervolt’s noise is barely audible. The Quiet Glide technology keeps the Hypervolt at a whisper-quiet volume, making it ideal for use while watching TV. The noise is a quiet hum that gives a relaxing and soothing feel when in use.

Exceptional Battery Life

According to Hyperice, the battery can last up to three hours on a single charge, which is more than enough. The battery life is astounding for such a powerful device, and it is undoubtedly more than you will ever require in real-world use.

Sleek design

Its use is evident due to its gun-like form. You can grasp the handle and direct the other toward the area you want to massage with one hand. It’s easy to understand. It is also simple to move around. The 2.5 lb weight is comfortable to hold for lengthy periods of time, and the battery life provides enough power for even the most prolonged recuperation sessions.

Quick connections

This Hypervolt can be connected easily to your smartwatch using the Bluetooth system. There are quite a few personalisations one can try out using this app.

Quick Tips To Use The Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun

Massage guns can do wonders if they are used the right way. To get the best out of the Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun, follow the below easy-peasy tips.

  • If you have open injuries, then contact your healthcare practitioner before using any percussion massage gun.
  • Start by applying the lowest speed levels to know your skin’s sensitivity to vibrations.
  • For good muscle recovery, have a 20 minutes massage before the workout ending with a 3 minutes massage afterward.


Can The Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun Work With Bluetooth?

Answer: No, the Bluetooth feature is not required to use the gadget. Being able to link the gadget to the app is merely an extra bonus. However, the device can be used without Bluetooth or however you like.

Does The Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun Comes With An Auto Shutoff Option?

No, the Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun is not equipped with an auto shut-off feature. With the app, you can select a workout, and the gun will stop working as soon as the training ends. Apart from that, the power button is very easy to reach. You can manually shut off the gun by pressing the power button at the bottom.

Can I Use The Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun For Neck And Skull?

Percussing the base of the skull is not recommended by doctors due to the sensitivity of the sub-occipital region. In this case, manual trigger point therapy is both safer and more effective.

To sum it up, the Hypervolt is a versatile and powerful percussion massage device that facilitates warm up and healing. Customers love its elegant appearance, and outstanding build quality makes it feel like a premium massage gadget, well deserving of its price.

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