OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair Review 2022 (Buy or Not?, under $1500)

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  • Date: January 10, 2022
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OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair comes highly recommended if you’re seeking a comfortable recliner with added massage capabilities. It’s quite reasonable and will look fantastic in your home. Our quick review will tell you why it is worth your money.

The chair has eight back rollers, four massage heads in the headrest, and a vibrating massage seat. The OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair comes with targeted massage and the ability of the back massage rollers to go up and down as well as inward and outward. The features of this massage chair are good to customize according to the problem one is facing using the arrows on the remote control. As a result, people can relax and relieve pain from stiff necks and aching muscles with a massage.

The Ugears B-L1 massage chair is elegant enough for your living room and is dead quiet when in use. The general color motif is likely to suit any space, with its stylish brown canvas and warm maple handrails. 

Features Of The OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair

There are a lot of features of the OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair to discuss. Below are some of the best features that make it stand out among the other massage chairs.

Zero Gravity

The OWAYS massage chair puts the center of gravity on the buttocks, relieves pressure on the spine and joints, places your heart at a lower elevation than your legs, and puts the body in a completely zero-gravity-like relaxed posture, as if in actual space.

The Deep V-wrapped Design relieves physical and emotional tensions and helps you unwind after a hectic day.

Smart Body Scan & Full Body Air Massage

This 3D massage chair can modify the massage points and range based on your body type. Different body types can benefit from a professional massage, and the result is equivalent to a professional massage from a massage therapist. The massage airbags cover the shoulder, arms, hip, calves, and feet to experience a looping rhythmic Tuina massage.

Massage For The Entire Body

The massage chair simulates human body massage technology by deeply massaging the areas around the shoulder, neck, back, waist, hip, legs, and feet using 32 massage airbags. Also, there is a heating feature at the waist.

Hands Of A 3D Robot

This massage chair gives a human-like massage technique for the shoulder, neck, waist, back, hip, leg, and other body areas. In this massage chair, one would feel as if it’s a high-end spa or some physiotherapist.

Heated Massgae

The OWAYS massage chair comes with a heating element. Heaters built into the waist aid to promote circulation and metabolism while also boosting comfort. This provides a soothing and calming effect for the cramps or muscle soreness.

Feet Massage

The OWAYS massage chair has a unique way of massaging the feet. The squeezing massage of the foot airbags and the scraping massage of the rollers increase blood circulation, metabolism, and weariness of the feet.

Compression Therapy

This massage chair has a compression therapy feature. It contains double-layered airbags that will massage the entire body with compression therapy. Compression therapy improves circulation while also lowering blood pressure.

Hand Controller 

The OWAYS massage chair comes with a hand controller that allows you to choose between automatic and manual routines. Also, there are specific arrow keys to target trouble areas. On the right side of the chair, there is a storage pocket for the remote control as well.

Space Saver And Digital Connectivity

The chair utilizes minimum space. The head section is fitted with surround sound equipment that can be easily connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to soothing music during the massage session.

SL Track 

This massage chair has an SL Track with a Length of about 130cm. The activity pushes, squats, presses, squats, tops, and knocks along the guide rails to relax the whole body.

Is the OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair worth your money?

Yes. Overall the OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair has plenty of health benefits. Some of them are discussed, from physical to mental health benefits below.

  • Back pain: Massage chairs to aid in the treatment of back pain. They provide a variety of advantages, including increased flexibility and reduced muscle strain.
  • Muscle tension: Muscle tension, whether in the neck, shoulders, or back, can also be eased.
  • Arthritis: Massage chairs are frequently used by chiropractors and doctors to help people with arthritis improve their flexibility.
  • Neck pain: Neck massagers stimulate muscles and nerve endings by imitating the hands of a masseuse. Massage therapy has been proved to be an effective treatment for persistent neck discomfort in studies, and a chair massager is essentially the same thing.
  • Hypertension: High blood pressure is a symptom of hypertension, which can lead to heart disease and stroke. Massage therapy has been shown to help patients lower their heart rates and stress levels.
  • Reduces anxiety: Massage therapy is indicated as a therapeutic option for people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder because it helps them relax and ease tense muscles.
  • Stress reduction: A massage chair serves to relax stiff muscles, so those who work in stressful conditions or simply need a break may find it extremely beneficial.


Question: Can the OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair fit a 6′ person?

Yes, this chair appears to be a good fit for a person of 6′ height. The foot section is adjustable. As the chair reclines it opens up to give extra leg space. 

How does the OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair 3d feature work?

This 3D massage chair can alter the treatment points and range automatically based on the user’s body. Different body types can benefit from a professional massage, and the result is equivalent to that of a massage therapist. The massage airbags cover the shoulder, arms, hip, calves, and feet, allowing one to experience a looping rhythmic Tuina massage.

What types of massages does this chair provide?

Strong, stretch, relax, yoga, sleep mode, and one other are among the presets. The adjustments are also available if the user demands. The massage speed and width may be adjusted, and the massage can range from narrow to wide. It helps with the pain of a herniated disc in my neck.

To sum it up, OWAYS Ugears B-L1 Massage Chair is one of the best purchases because of the 3d massage feature, heating system, wide foot area, and SL track. 

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