Real Relax Massage Chair Review (Buy or Not?, $1000)

  • By: Nikita
  • Date: January 10, 2022
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Getting relaxed after a long tiring day is easier with the Real Relax Massage Chair. It has many useful features to offer, which we will talk about in this review.

The Real Relax Massage Chair has a beautiful sleek design that looks elegant and unique. With a perfect recline, it gives a perfect posture for getting cozy. The installation is easy and requires only a few minutes to connect all the parts. This massage chair also has a unique gravity feature to make it feel weightless. It also has a built-in heating system that works to give hot therapy while turned on. Besides, it has other airbags to give the coziest feel.

The Real Relax Chair Comes with a remote that works seamlessly to adjust the features of the massage chair. Let’s discuss the features of this chair in detail:

Features Of Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair has plenty of features to give to its users.

Digital Features

The Real Relax Massage Chair comes with Bluetooth audio play, and a changing LED light. It also has 6 auto modes. These modes can be selected according to your preference. 

Zero Gravity

This massage chair has a zero gravity option and has a one-button design for getting into zero gravity. This feature will help you release your body weight and get a soothing and effective massage for ultimate relaxation.

Complete Body Massage

This massage chair comes with a full-body massage feature. It has 8 massage neck back rollers for a deep neck massage. It also has 50 airbags for supporting the shoulder, arms, hips, and calves. The feet and lower back have a heating system. There is a foot roller to simultaneously stimulate your feet muscles.


This massage chair comes with the ability to customize your massage. It comes with remote system adjustable features. Using the remote, one can adjust the rolls on the massage seat. The airbags positions are also easy to change using the remote control. Apart from this, the speed, strength, and position of the chair are also adjustable with the remote.

Height and Weight Limits

The Real Relax Massage Chair has a maximum 6.1-foot area to accommodate every height. Also, the weight range is 400 pounds. With such an extensive limit, it can accommodate a wide range of users with varying heights and body weights.

Foot Massage

This massage chair has robust rollers and airbags to accommodate a high-end, deep massage. These rollers and airbags relieve tension from the feet, and pain if any. 

Easy To Move

Coming with 2 wheels at the back, this massage chair is very easy to move from one place to another. The weight is heavy and might seem very bulky to move, but the wheels make it easy to transport it.

Good Circulation

The Real Relax Massage Chair comes with a heated system at the back and waist area. This built-in heater promotes blood circulation by providing the right amount of warmth. It regulates the muscles and elevates cramps.

Shiatsu Massage

The back of the chair has eight fixed rollers that massage your back. They move in circles in the same place to reduce muscle tension and stress. More rollers can be seen in the calves and feet. After a hard day of walking or standing, these are certainly a nice addition. This chair can maneuver the stresses and strains away with the help of the rollers.

Massage With The Air

A total of 50 airbags are installed throughout the chair. There are four at the shoulders, eight at the arms, and 24 at the legs to massage, and even more in the hip region. This approach is similar to a therapist’s, squeezing and releasing muscles to release tension.

Linkage System for Armrests

This feature is exclusive to the Relax massage chair brand. It keeps the arms in place while working on the whole body. 


A timer function is included in the chair. This timer can be set for 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes. Simply set the timer, relax, and let the chair do the rest.

Tips To Use Real Relax Massage Chair

The Real Relax Massage Chair is very easy to use. To have the most from this massage chair, it is important to keep the below things in mind.

  • It is better to start with the lowest settings possible. According to the advice of experts, it is good to start with the lowest speed at first and gradually increase the speed with time.
  • Make sure that the massage chair is properly cleaned from time to time. This helps in maintaining hygiene
  • Make sure the massage chair is positioned just accurately to your posture. The seat settings can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences using the remote.


Does The Real Relax Massage Chair Have Any Effect On The Neck And Upper Shoulder Area?

Yes, the Real Relax massage chair is effective on the back and the neck. It activates by pressing one of the auto programs. Moreover, it comes with airbags for the shoulder area and offers relaxing compression on the shoulders..


Does The Real Relax Massage Chair Come With A Recliner?

Yes, this massage chair comes up with a recliner as well. It reclines quite a bit and nearly touches 180 degrees.


Does Real Relax Massage Chair Return To Its Upright Position When The Timer Goes Off Or Does It Remain In The Reclined Posture?

Yes, when the timer is up, the chair comes back to its original position. The timer is about 30 minutes max. According to the time one selects, the chair remains in the reclined position for 30 minutes. After this, the chair returns to the original position and is upright.



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