TheraGun Elite: Review, Pros & Cons, Buy or Not?

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  • Date: December 29, 2021
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Theragun has been in the Massage gun industry for a long time, producing many incredible and outstanding products. So, as soon as the TheraGun Elite was available, we were curious what makes it different from its other models. This review will unveil all of the best features of the TheraGun Elite, along with its pros and cons.

The Theragun Elite is a fantastic percussive therapy device, which uses a combination of amplitude (depth), frequency (speed), and torque (force) to reach deep into your muscles to increase blood flow and decrease soreness and stiffness. The handheld vibrating device is marketed for both sports rehabilitation and helping to reduce everyday tension in your body.

TheraGun Elite comes with this futuristic handheld design. Moreover, it is equipped with five different foam-cell attachments, a robust charger, and a small bag resembling a high-tech lunchbox to transport it to wherever you go.

According to the product description on its website, Theragun Elite’s significant promise is: “to melt away tension and release stiffness.” And you will get to know how is it so by getting to know its impressive specs and features.

Features Of The TheraGun Elite Massage Gun

Honestly, this massage gun has plenty of features to offer all in one place. Some of the best features of the TheraGun Elite massage gun are compiled below.

5 Adjustable Speed Levels

The TheraGun Elite comes with 5 variable speed levels- begin with the low level and increase intensity as you get used to the amplitude.

5 Attachments

The Theragun Elite comes with a total of five attachments: the dampener (which we used the most), the standard ball, a wedge, a cone, and a thumb. If you’re unsure about which attachments to use, the Therabody app can help, or here’s a quick guide:

Dampener: The dampener can be used all over the body; however, it is specifically developed for tender and bony areas.

Standard ball: Because this attachment is smaller than the dampener, it has a more significant impact. It is effective for both major and minor muscle groups.

Cone: Intended for use on the hands and feet and tiny muscle groups. Because of its form, it is excellent for precision massage treatments.

Wedge: Because the wedge can be used to “scrape” your muscles, it is excellent for shoulder blades.

Thumb: Typically used to the lower back and trigger points.

Perfect Pressure

The device is incredibly simple to use and provides pressure control. The gadget is set to 1750 percussions per minute (PPM) by default; it can be changed to one of five settings by clicking the plus sign to increase it up to 2400 PPM or the minus sign to decrease it.

With the perfect speed level, attachment, and the Theragun app, you will get a personalized working out guide.

No Noise Operation

TheraGun Elite comes with a brushless motor. This QX65 motor can work the best without giving out any issues. Because of this, TheraGun will never make any annoying noises. When the machine is in running mode, it makes a quiet purr which is almost inaudible.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

TheraGun has a battery life of 120 minutes which means it can usually go 1-2 weeks between charges depending on usage. It charges quickly as well. Moreover, it comes with a rechargeable battery pack that can be charged using a USB Port C charging cable that comes along with it.

Ergonomic Design

The Theragun handle’s triangular form allows you to reach even the most difficult-to-reach spots. Additionally, the Therabody app tells which grip is ideal for each area, which is very handy to choose the best one.

As it weighs only 2.2 lbs you can easily carry it. its lightweight won’t make your hands sore or feel tired. Plus, you can easily transport it from one place to another or take it to the gym.

Interface And Connectivity

‘Therabody’ is an excellent app for learning how to get the most out of your gadget. It’s free from the Apple Store and Google Play and is super easy to use. It provides a wide selection of classes/routines to show you how to operate your Theragun and the numerous attachments in step-by-step lessons.

It can be synchronized to any device through Bluetooth and allows you to modify the frequency, measure the pressure applied, and automatically start/stop the Theragun massage gun based on the program.

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Tips To Have The Best From Your TheraGun Elite Massage Gun

Massage guns can be the most valuable gadgets you would ever own. 

  • Sync your daily workout routine download the TheraGun app and personalize it.
  • To have a better suggestion in the TheraGun app, specify your workout routine: a warm-up session, recovery, or wellness routine.
  • Never leave your massage gun on charge for more than 2 hours.
  • Have a deep massage for at least 30 minutes to activate your muscles before a workout. And at least 2 minutes after a workout.


Question: Can The Theragun Elite Massage Gun Work On Plantar Fasciitis?

Answer: yes, the TheraGun elite works wonders on Plantar Fasciitis. However, make sure that you are gentle and try to use the softest head and the lowest speed possible. Try to regularly have a massage 6 days a week to see considerable results.

Question: Can I Use The Theragun Elite To Massage My Neck?

Yes, you can use the Theragun Percussive massage gun on the neck. Because of the percussive nature and power of this massage gun, you can easily use it on the lower part of your neck. However, do not go above the ear lobe.

Question: Can The Theragun Elite Reach The Middle Of My Back?

Yes, the TheraGun elite massage gun can be used to massage your back and the middle of it. However, that usually depends upon how flexible you are, whether you can make your hands reach the middle of the back or not. It is better to have it done by someone else for effective results.

To sum it up, the TheraGun Elite can be a valuable investment all in all. It’s a lifesaver for easing aches and pains caused by a bad work environment, stress, and exercise. With so many features, attachments, and a case to carry, it surely will come with a price tag that is a bit expensive. But with all those worthwhile features, your money is indeed going into the right place. Do keep the mentioned tips to have the most from your Theragun. Order yourself one now and say goodbye to those muscle cramps!

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