Is a Massage the Answer to Your Headache?

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  • Date: August 2, 2021
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Many people have been turning to massage therapy for years, but what is it that makes a massage such an effective headache remedy? What are the benefits of getting a massage?

Research has shown that there are actually many health benefits to receiving regular massages. For example, they help relax your muscles and reduce stress levels, which in turn helps you sleep better. Massages also lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as increase circulation. In addition, studies show that people who get regular massages have stronger immune systems due to the deep breathing involved during the treatment!

Best ways to cure a Headache with a Massage

If you have a headache, the best time to get a massage is when it first starts. If your headache persists past an hour though, it’s best not to try and receive any type of therapy for the pain because massages can actually make headaches worse if they are already chronic.

Some people believe that an ideal way to cure a headache with massage is by incorporating the power of aromatherapy. Place some lavender oil on your temples and neck, then take in slow and deep breaths for about five minutes. This will not only help relieve tension but also work as a sedative so you can get better rest at night.

You can also give yourself a neck massage with soothing oils. Even if you cannot reach your own head, try giving yourself an ear and scalp massage first to release some tension from the muscles in those areas before moving down towards your shoulders.

Alternatively, there are many other things that can help cure a headache such as drinking lots of water and stretching your neck out.

Oils and Balms for Head Massage for Relieving Headaches

There are many different oils and balms that can help relieve a headache with massage. Some of the best ones include peppermint, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, chamomile or chrysanthemum flower oil (which is often used in Asia for headaches), ginger oleoresin which is made from fresh ginger root, and peppermint oleoresin which is made from fresh mint leaves.

If you are looking for a good balm to help with headaches, there are so many options! Here is a list of some popular ones:

– Lavender oil or eucalyptus oil. These oils have been known to relieve tension and calm nerves by soothing your senses.

– Peppermint oil rubbed into your temples

– Try essential oils. This is a great way to add some aromatherapy in too! You can use this on your forehead, neck or any other tense areas of the head and body.

There are various types of balms you can use for a massage such as peppermint oil which will help relax your muscles and lavender oil that may relieve tension.

Should you get an appointment with a head message therapist for a headache?

If you are looking for a headache massage therapist, it is worth getting an appointment with one. The therapist will try to figure out the best massage by putting pressure on specific points or trigger zones in your head and neck area which will help relieve muscle tension as well as reduce inflammation from things like arthritis.

If you have never had a head massage before or if the headache is chronic, it may be best to speak with your doctor first about whether or not you are ready for regular massages. However, it’s worth getting an appointment with a message therapist now so that they can assess how often you should get treatments and which type of oils would work best for your condition.

Step-by-step Guide for DIY Massage for headaches

– For people with tension headaches, you should give yourself a neck massage with soothing oils.

– To give yourself a head massage, you should start by looking for the median line. This is where your fingers would be if they were on top of one another and laid flat against the side of your neck (directly below your jawbone). You can also use two fingers to find this location before pressing in gently with firm pressure.

– Once you find the median line, use your fingers to apply pressure along this area for a few minutes.

– You can also give yourself a head massage by using two flat hands together and start at the top of your head with light pressure before making small circles all over your scalp (this is best if done after shampooing).

– Practice these two techniques and see which one you prefer.

Head Massage and Migraines

If you’re looking for a home remedy for soothing your migrane, then it might be worth getting a head massage. A migraine is caused by an irritation in the cerebral cortex which causes nerve cells to constrict and blood vessels to swell (due to dilation). When this happens, it can cause pain as well as symptoms such as nausea due to increased intracranial pressure.

A migraine can be treated with medication but a head massage may also help because when it is done, the therapist will apply gentle pressure on specific points or trigger zones in your neck and head. They will also stretch out your neck and work on the muscles in this area which can help release tension.

It is best to consult with your physician for the best course of action.

Massage Theraphy for relieving Sinus Pressure

If you are suffering from sinus pressure, then it may be best to get a head massage. You can do this one by yourself or with the help of your partner as well as using various oils such as peppermint oil which will work on trigger zones and points that cause the most pain in people who suffer from chronic headaches (sinuses).

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve the pressure that comes from sinuses because it will help relax your muscles and nerves. This in turn can improve moods, energy and memory while reducing inflammation. It may also be able to reduce pain as well as headaches caused by chronic migraines which are often due to sudden changes in weather.

Massage therapy is a great alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs which can have negative side effects.

Self Massage for Tension Headache Relief

– You can massage yourself for tension headaches by using light pressure on trigger points that are located in the neck and head (such as at the base of your skull, temples or temporalis). Do not apply too much pressure though because this will only lead to more pain.

– You should also do some gentle stretches which can help with tension relief, such as neck rolls or shoulder shrugs.

– It is best to avoid heavy stretches because these can lead to a headache and are not recommended for those with chronic headaches (or at risk of stroke). These should only be done after first talking it over with your physician.

– For tension headaches caused by another illness like the flu, it is best to use some light stretches so that the muscles will be more pliable when releasing. This can help with headaches caused by poor posture or chronic neck pain as well.

– You should also try drinking plenty of fluids (water and juice) which helps reduce muscle tension in general.

Trigger Points for Head Massage that relieve Headaches

– There are many trigger points for head massage therapy, but it is best to target the ones that cause you pain.

– You can treat your neck by applying gentle pressure on the median line and then finding a muscle called scalenus anterior which causes spasms in this area (which will help with headaches).

– If you have chronic headaches, you can also try massaging your scalp by using two flat hands together.

– You might feel an ache in the neck as well when doing this technique so it is best to use light pressure and work on those areas slowly. This can be a result of tight muscles that need attention or trigger points which are located at the base of your skull.

– For migraines, it is best to target the cervical muscles which can be found at the base of the neck and also on either side of your head near the temples (these are called temporalis). If you have chronic headaches then these points will often need attention as well.

– This technique should not cause any additional pain, but if it does then you should stop and consult with your physician.

– When doing this technique, make sure to massage the muscle without applying too much pressure as this can lead to more tension in these areas which may result in a headache later on. It is also best not to press on or around the eyes because they are very sensitive and this can lead to irritation.

– It is best not to massage any area of the head near or around your sinuses, as these areas are too delicate. Massage therapy for headaches should only be done in one direction (either up towards the top of the head or down towards your ears) because doing it from both directions can cause more headaches.

– You need to be very careful when applying pressure around your eyes because it will push on them which may lead to irritation or worse, damage the cornea. If you have chronic headaches and are at risk of stroke then this technique should not be done until after discussing with a physician first.

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