Massage Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

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  • Date: August 4, 2021
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The following article will discuss the etiquette for when you are on the receiving end of a massage.

It is important to note that if you are in pain, this article may not be relevant to your situation. However, if you’re just looking to get some relaxation and need some instruction on how to do it properly, then these tips might come in handy! The first tip is about being polite – make sure that you don’t talk too much or move around too much while getting massaged. These can be considered rude behaviors by the masseuse and make them feel uncomfortable during their work.

For those people who like chit-chatting with their friends all day long (or even worse: talking loudly on a phone), they should find another activity for that time period. Moaning and moving around will not be received well by the masseuse and might even distract them from their duties!

What You Should Wear When Visiting the Establishment

Most Massage Spas will provide you with comfortable clothing before your massage. Wear comfortable and clean clothing while visiting the massage place. You will most probably change back to your clothes after the massage. Avoid thick clothing that will make you sweat. Wear something light and casual.

However, you will have to plan ahead and select appropriate clothes if you plan on wearing your own clothes while getting the massage. Most massage places will have changing rooms where you can change into something you have carried from home.

Loose gowns, long skirts and long tshirts work well for women while a pair of loose shorts will work well for men.

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When you’re getting a massage it is important to wear something that is comfortable and loose. Wear clothes made of natural materials like cotton or linen, which breathe and feel good against your skin. You could also wear clothing that has been pre-washed. Avoid wearing synthetics such as polyester or nylon.

It is also a good idea to wear something that is long since you might have to lay on your stomach during some parts of the massage. It is also important to note that wearing a bra might be uncomfortable for the masseuse since it will cause their hands to get stuck in between the bra and your body.

The same thing goes for wearing pants, so it’s better to wear shorts or a skirt during a massage.

How To Prepare Your Body and Mind for a Massage

Preparing your body and mind for a massage is very important. You want to make sure you are relaxed before entering the room for the massage. This includes having a warm bath, listening to relaxing music and drinking something warm like tea. If it’s winter time you may want to wear layers of clothing to avoid getting cold when you take them off.

It’s also important that you plan ahead for transportation back home after your visit to the establishment where you’ll get the massage. If you live far away or it’s dark or late in the evening, you might want to take a taxi after your visit to help avoid unnecessary risks.

You should also remember not to drink alcohol before getting a massage as this could make you drowsy and lead to falling asleep on the masseuse’s table!

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Another thing to consider is your emotional state before getting a massage. If you’re stressed out, anxious or have had a bad day, it would be best to postpone the visit for another time when you feel better.

You should tell someone where you’re are going if it’s not in a familiar environment or at least leave a note on your door stating where you will be in case something happens.

Place your wallet or purse somewhere that isn’t with you to avoid losing it, especially if the massage place has a locker room or you’ll have to change clothes inside the establishment.

The Etiquette of Being on the Receiving End of a Massage

If you’ve visited before then ask for your regular masseuse, so they can get used to your body and apply pressure according to your wishes.

The masseuse will usually greet you and take any extra clothing outside of the room.

If it’s a professional establishment, they should also provide you with a towel and a place to put on your clothes in case the room where you got the massage in isn’t private.

You shouldn’t talk much during a massage and you’ll usually get undressed before getting on the table so that your clothes don’t get in the way of the masseuse’s hands.

The general idea is to let yourself relax as much as possible and to avoid talking unless you really need to communicate something important!

Don’t forget to breathe deeply and feel the masseuse’s hands roaming your body. You should also try to refrain from moving unnecessarily.

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The masseuse will usually ask you if there are any sensitive, painful or injured areas on your body before starting the massage.

They might even show you some techniques of massaging certain areas of your back so you can help them avoid painful areas.

Be aware of your body and don’t hesitate to say it hurts if the masseuse applies too much pressure, especially around your spine, neck or head!

If you feel like you’re about to doze off because you’ve been sitting on the same position for a while then tell the masseuse so that they can help you get comfortable and make sure that your circulation doesn’t get cut off.

After the massage is over, take a small shower or have one with warm water in a private room if it’s available.

It’s also considered polite to leave a tip for the masseuse even if it’s not required because they are providing a service (usually at no cost).

If you want to relax some more after your massage, try drinking some warm milk or herbal tea before getting back home. Also remember that massages don’t last forever, so you shouldn’t prolong your visit much after the massage is finished.

Give yourself at least an hour for feeling comfortable and relaxed before getting back to an active life.

If you want to prolong the experience and continue relaxing, you could also ask for some advice on where to go next or what other massages might be available at their establishment so that you can schedule another appointment if you enjoyed yourself enough!

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Etiquette for when you’re on the receiving end of a massage is all about respecting the person or people providing you with a service. If they are doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them!

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